Alumni Membership and Renewal Letter & Application Form

Dear CHS Alumni Member-

I’d like to first take a moment to thank our Lifetime Alumni members for their $225.00 membership fund donation...we appreciate you for unconditionally committing to support your Alma Mater.  We couldn’t operate without your continued support and we  thank  you  from  the bottom of our hearts!

Regular CHSAA Annual Membership:

Once again it’s time to renew your membership in Castlemont High School’s Alumni Association (CHSAA). CHSAA is committed to preserving the Legacy of Castlemont High and investing in affecting positive change in the lives of students currently attending Castlemont High School, Oakland, CA. 

Founded in 1929, Castlemont is rich in heritage and it is our desire to help serve the school and community that has made us who we are today. CHSAA is proud to have representation ranging from the 1940s up until present day. We have been utilizing the wise guidance and resources of earlier classmates by combining it with youth, energy, and computer technology as well as social media outlets. All of these efforts were designed to help Castlemont Knights thrive (both young and old). 

To achieve this we need you, all Castlemont Alumni, to join together and use our collective wisdom, experiences and resources to help, inspire and positively impact the lives of our fellow Knights. As you may know, all funds from our membership student body goes toward helping fund several student scholarship programs and events within Castlemont High School. 

The following is a summary of how your membership financial support has made a positive impact to date. The CHSAA has really been busy and productive this past year! We have made renovations to our alumni website, provided financial support to our Castlemont High School seniors, the Sports, Music and Art Departments and sponsored an onsite fundraising musical event. Our board participated in CHS homecoming events, supported the annual CHS Sports Awards Ceremony, provided several $1000 scholarships, as well as provided continued induction of fellow high school alumni into our Alumni Hall of Fame during our Fundraising Membership Luncheon event.

Therefore, your continued support via membership/membership renewal/donation is vital in allowing the work to continue each year!  

Help us unite All Castlemont Alumni as we strive to keep the Love and Legacy of Castlemont High alive and well. Please continue to support the Community that helped to shape who you/we are today.

Additionally, we encourage you to use our website [] to remain in contact for pending news, updates and events from your high school alumni association (CHSAA). 


Angela Butler-McDonald, CHSAA Membership Chair


CHSAA BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Vincent Owens, President; Dana Malone-Hubert, Vice-President; Henrietta Manuel-Fabio, Treasurer; Pamela Brooks, Secretary, Founding Member; Evelyn Call, Board Member; Patricia McNeary-Calloway, Board Member; Gregory Hickey, Board Member; Robin Thompson-Webb, Board Member; Bob Balandra, Board Member; Angela Butler-McDonald, Membership Chair, Diana Becton, Founding Member 

2020_CHSAA Membership & Renewal Application (pdf)